A 68-year-old black man with hypertension, status blog post unilateral nephrectomy, was incidentally discovered to have 4+ proteinuria, 1+ glycosuria, brand-new raised blood glucose levels, as well as between 1.8 as well as 5.4 grams of healthy protein each 24-hour pee collection within 6 weeks after beginning clonidine. The indicators as well as symptoms of diabetes and also the nephrotic syndrome disappeared within five months after discontinuation of clonidine. Due to his solitary kidney, a renal biopsy was not done. [Ref]

Musculoskeletal negative side effects have actually included leg pains as well as muscle or joint discomfort. Moderately severe myalgia has been linked with using clonidine in people dealt with for opioid withdrawal signs and symptoms. [Ref]

A 46-year-old lady created lower arm edema, moderate thenar atrophy, as well as skin hypopigmentation within three months after beginning clonidine for perimenopausal flushing. Electromyelography was consistent with carpal passage syndrome. At surgical decompression, a skin biopsy exposed adjustments regular with immune-complex illness. The person's signs as well as signs eased off after bodily therapy and also discontinuation of clonidine. [Ref]

Breathing system reactions have consisted of nasal blockage (5 %), bronchial asthma (1 %), as well as nasopharyngitis (3 %). A situation of serious bronchospasm connected with clonidine has been reported in the pediatric literature. [Ref]